Lab Members


PhD Student

T. +49 731 50-23225



Institute of Molecular & Cellular Anatomy, Ulm University, Albert-Einstein-Allee 11, 89081 Ulm
M24/Room 4306

Research Interest

In my research, I focus on the role of Bcl11a/b in multi-protein complexes during corticogenesis. Bcl11a and Bcl11b are part of the ATP-dependent BRG1/BRM associated factor (BAF), a multi-protein chromatin remodeling complex. Nevertheless, their functions within the complex, or other unknown protein complexes, are still unclear. In this project, I aim to discover the potent interacting protein subunits of Bcl11a/b in the neocortex and clarify the molecular functions of Bcl11a/b during cortical development. This study will elucidate the molecular process of embryonic brain development, provide potential biomarkers for prenatal diagnosis and thus reduce the chance of developing intellectual disability during embryo development.