New Paper out: Molecular Genetics of Epilepsy

Anne-Marie Neumann and Professor Stefan Britsch published a new MOCA review on 07 June 2024. The publication about how molecular genetic mechanisms are involved in epileptogenic cellular events can be found here:

Congrats to Damaris Brandt

Damaris Brandt successfully defended her thesis! Thanks for the delicious get-together afterwards and for your great talk! Damaris was one of our first e-tutors in histology and had a great impact in developing our e-tutoring as well as contributing with her work ...

Bridging Neuroscience and Endocrinology

Our own Dr. Anne-Marie Neumann (left) and Dr. Lisa Ruck from the Charité Berlin (right) were invited to host a session at this year's Annual Meeting of the German Society of Endocrinology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie, DGE) in Rostock from 6th to 8th ...

New Paper out:

Franziska Seigfried and Prof. Stefan Britsch published the second MOCA-paper of 2024 on 17.02.2024. You can find the review about our favorite transcription factors (Bcl11a and Bcl11b) here: https://ww

New Paper out: Making connections

The interactions between critical proteins reveal how disorders in neuronal communication can develop. Koumoundourou A, Rannap M, De Bruyckere E, Nestel S, Reissner C, Egorov AV, Liu P, Missler M, Heimrich B, Draguhn A, Britsch S. Regulation of hippocampal mossy ...